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GROUP         The current version of this Booklet is 4.57

A booklet aimed at introducing newcomers to the hobby, young and old alike, that can also be used as a handy reference whilst getting started. Last updated June 2018. The version number can be found in the lower left hand corner of the back cover.

Download the copy from the RSGB website by clicking HERE now, or you can always download the very latest version by clicking on any of the following links:

1. CLICK HERE for the version with a “General front cover” child or adult – 9MB file.
2. CLICK HERE for a version with a “less of a comic” looking front cover  – 9MB file.
3. CLICK HERE for a faster download but lower resolution version of (1) – 3MB
4. CLICK HERE for a faster download but lower resolution version of (2) – 3MB
Publicity for Special Events or for leaving in Libraries etc.
5. A4 POSTER advertising the booklet / project
6. HANDOUT Tri-fold (Print one side- turn paper over – print again – then fold)
7. HANDOUT A5 (Print 2 Pages/A4 sheet – turn paper over – print again – cut).

This GRAPHIC GUIDE looks good on a tablet or large screen smartphone as well as printed hardcopy. The low resolution graphics version will email/download fast. The higher resolution 9Mb files are for printing on a home printer or for higher resolution display. Once downloaded save to your desktop or a suitable folder for later use.  If you prefer a printed paper copy there are instructions at the end of the booklet on how to print it out on a home printer as an A5 booklet using only 10 sheets of A4.

About this e-Portal booklet
This e-Portal project is a kind of interactive moderated Wiki “stored in the cloud”. Gateways to itself, and associated further information and media, are provided via printed QR codes in the paper edition and active hyperlinks in the electronic version.  Anyone wishing to submit suggested changes, additions, updates etc. can do so via this associated weblog page.

This is no longer a closed trial and permission is now granted to distribute the booklet to anyone free of charge. By downloading a copy you agree that it is for your own personal use only, or for another persons personal use. It can be distributed free of charge to anyone – but support, in the form of positive reviews, is needed to persuade sponsors to fund printed versions, and flyers, for use by clubs on open days etc.

Evaluation comments, good or bad, to please.

Here are some already received by email:
What a great booklet, and ideal to go out to prospective enthusiasts both young and old – Martin (M6DEH)
The links are fantastic.  I think this will get prospective students fired up as well as the ones that have passed the foundation –  John
It’s got a nice, modern feel to it, which will appeal to youngsters, but doesn’t feel alien to someone like me who grew up in the 70s and 80s.  I like the artwork. It is clear and brings the Elmer character from “Foundation Now” up to date a bit – Mark
What an exceptional resource you’ve created… I particularly love the intro advice of running through reading the speech bubbles which makes an otherwise daunting read seem a real breeze and then encourages you to go back and read further details. Brilliant! – Michael G0POT

Or leave comments and suggestions below:


16 thoughts on “Free Booklet Download / Updates here

  1. Generally excellent. However, a couple of updates are needed – one to correct an error and the other to bring the booklet up to date. Firstly, on page 2, the 136kHz band is stated to be 800 metres. In fact it is around 2,200 metres and on page 29, the Foundation Exam is no longer marked locally – you DO have to wait for the RSGB and Ofcom to do its stuff. All that can be issued locally after the exam is an “Indicative” mark which although may give the candidate some confidence, has no force in law – only the Optically Marked answer sheet processed by the RCF/RSGB and transmitted to Ofcom can do that.

  2. Wow, that is really good and very attractive. My only thought is that it is fairly expensive to print out for shows to give away as general interest, and could do with something similar on the lines of a 3 fold leaflet, in support.

    • Thanks – Yes if it is to be handed out in printed format we need a sponsor to pay for the printing (31p each if ordered 5000 at a time). However there is also a single sheet A5 hand-out from which anyone can download the pdf for reading on their smartphone or tablet and I think we might develop downloads via QR codes more.


  4. Would you object to this being modified in the actual text for use in Australia such as changing rsgb details to wia and other specific info, more of using the comics and layout for an Aussie version? Would be happy to acknowledge and supply you copy.

    • Not a problem a German and a Spanish translation are already being attempted!!
      Any of the text can be altered but I would want to “quality control” any content changes to Pages 1 to 23 and pages 25 and 26.
      The actual artwork pages 1 to 23 should not be altered. Any artwork from page 24 (including page 24) can be altered.
      I would want to see a final draft before publication for “quality control” and to check it does not infringe my arrangements with the original artist and with ICOM.
      It must be distributed to the final recipients free of charge. Clubs could be charged actual production costs if paper copies are distributed.

      I have sent you an email

  5. Hi,
    The book is great, I am wondering if anyone has suggested an Australian version? Or is it possible to obtain an editable version, simply to change callsigns etc specific to VK?

  6. Radio licence exams via the RSGB are now on line via the new system. Dave Wilson has all the details. You get an instant pass notification if your answers are correct.

Feedback on the booklet please ...

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